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Join us for our "Tee Off" event at St. Anne School on Sunday, May 15th from 12-3 pm.  We will have food, mini put-put holes, and will draw our "Golf Balls from Heaven" raffle ticket winners.  "Golf Balls from Heaven" raffle tickets can be purchased for $20 from any St. Anne family.

School Fundraisers

St. Anne School

Fundraising & Chair Commitments for the School Year


Fruit Smoothie Sale (Early Fall Small Event)

Olive Nut Nutrition is offering their famous fruit smoothies for bulk purchase!  Families will be provided with forms for smoothie orders.  There will be adult and child-friendly smoothie options.

Chairs: Alex Oliver, Sara Harrison, Julie Nicklaus


Read-A-Thon (Fall Large Event)

Children are sponsored to read as many books as possible within a determined time. Students will seek sponsors who will pledge to pay a certain amount per book read or a flat amount.  Families will be provided with forms to track their reading and pledges.

Chairs: Lydia Sitter, Sarah Rowland


Butter Braid Sale (Winter Small Event)

These delicious pastries are a favorite for breakfast!  The Danish-style, flaky pastry is made of 100% real butter, braided by hand, and filled with fruit and other cream fillings.  Families will be provided with forms for Butter Braid orders.

Chairs: Susie Knudson, Katie McNitt


Live/Silent Auction & Gala (Winter Large Event)

The St. Anne Gala is an evening of live/silent auctions, entertainment, and raffles.  Workers help solicit donations, set up/clean up, and work jobs during the event.  St. Anne School will host the Silent/Live Auction and Gala on February 5th, 2022 at the Brandywine.  This year’s theme will be: Mardi Gras.

Chairs: Betsy Partington, Chairs Needed


Golf Balls from Heaven (Spring Large Event)

All St. Anne families will sell tickets for this event.  The golf ball that falls in, or is the closest, to the hole/bucket will win.  Workers will help with the event set up/clean up, and ticket sales.

Chairs: Jaselyn Nagy, 1 Chair Needed


Brat Sale (Spring Small Event)

Headons Fine Meat is offering their delicious brats and beef sticks for bulk purchase!  Stock up your freezer with a variety of brat and beef stick flavors, just in time for spring cookouts.   Families will be provided with forms for brat orders.

Chairs: Morgan Gauthier, 1 Chair Needed


SCRIP (Year-Round Event)

SCRIP is a gift card fundraiser.  Volunteers will work one shift (45 min.) each week for 12 months.  You are exempt from the small/large fundraiser.

Chairs: Anne Arneson



Corporate Sponsorship

Corporate Sponsorship directly benefits the school and students at St. Anne. If you are interested in sponsoring St. Anne School for the 2021-2022 school year, please contact Mrs. Bates at 815-288-5619.

CHAIRS: Audra Bates


Box Tops

Download the Box Tops for Education app from the Apple Store or Google Play. Scan all of your store receipts and submit.  Earned funds will be sent to St. Anne School.  Please share our school ID of 127074 with your family and friends, and help up raise even more $$!