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What St. Anne Means to Me

St. Anne Catholic School students were asked to explain what our beautiful school means to them. Here are a few of their responses...
"All the kind people here make this school great. That is why I like St. Anne School." Allison-
"My favorite thing about Saint Anne School is all the teachers because when someone is being mean to you they will help you and they will help you if you don't understand something." Joseph-
"1. The teachers are really nice. 2. They teach a lot of different things and it is really fun. 3. St. Anne has a lot of different activities." Kaitlyn-
"St. Anne School has good gym time. It also has good lunches and sometimes we get to play games on the computers." Zachary-
"I love the Church. I think it is the best Church ever and it's one of the things that helped teach me religion." Annelise-
"The specials here are fun and some are very entertaining because the teachers are nice and sometimes funny." 
"My favorite thing about St. Anne School is the awesome popcorn. I love the popcorn because we get to eat it at recess and sometimes in music." Ryan-
"I like the popcorn. It is really good. I like how they put salt on it." Anne-
"I love St. Anne School because the people are so kind and generous. Everyone is looking out for each other." Leah-

We get to go to Mass and that is special to me.



"I can be creative and do art." Maggie-


"We get to participate in Mass, do religion, and have a church in our school.  We can do activities and sports.  We have bake sales and raffles. We can earn our multiplication license." Reese-


"It is a Catholic school and I get to learn about Jesus." Lakey-


"We learn about science, the world, and thing things we’ll need in the future." Leo-


"We get to learn about math on our iPad using games.  We also get to learn reading, multiplication, and English." Jonathan-


"We get to learn about the Holy Trinity." Dylan-


"We have the best teachers and friends at St. Anne School." Sammi-


"We have nice teachers and we do social studies and science." Freddy-


"We have Mass and Rosary Club." Gage-


"I love that we have popcorn every week." Samuel-


"I love the bake sales." Harper-


"I love the popcorn." Mackenzie-


"We all go to Church on Friday." Jaime-


"When my kindergarten light bulb goes on in Miss Ybarra's class." David-