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Lunch & Milk Program

St. Anne School & Preschool Academy Lunch & Milk Program
2024-2025 School Year


Families pre-purchase lunches through FACTS for your child/ren that are to receive school lunch. The daily school lunch fee will be $3.75 per day, per child for the school year. 


Your child’s teacher will report to FACTS each day that your child receives a school lunch. When there is a low balance of $7.00 you will receive an email from FACTS to add more money on your students account.  


In an attempt to keep family lunch costs to a minimum, we will no longer be offering second helpings. Our kitchen staff follows state guidelines on age appropriate food portions. Please don’t hesitate to contact the school office if you have questions at 815-288- 5619.


Milk is available for purchase by the semester, or by the year. Milk payments must be made on FACTS prior to the start of the semester. Water is always available as a free alternative beverage option for students. In order to keep the cost of milk low, we will no longer be offering a second serving of milk during lunch. 


Half-day Preschool receives one milk at snack. Full-day Preschool and Kindergarten students receive one milk at snack and one milk at lunch. 1st-5th grade students receive one milk at lunch. 


Student may still use the water-bottle refill stations throughout the day. Please make sure your child has a water bottle everyday at school. If your child is bringing in cold lunch, please send all necessary utensils as we will be limiting the amount of contact with food-related items. 


2024-2025 Milk Pricing: .60 cents per carton


                                                                  ANNUAL        SEMESTER

Preschool:       Two half days/week           $43.80                $21.90

                         Three half days/week        $61.80                $30.90

                         Four half days/week          $82.20                $41.10

                         Five half days/week           $105.60              $52.80

                         Two full days/week            $87.60                $43.80

                         Three full days/week         $120.60              $60.30

                         Four full days/week           $164.40              $82.20

                         Five full days/week            $208.20              $104.10 



Kindergarten:                                              $208.20              $104.10

1st - 5th Grade:                                           $102.60              $51.30