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PLEASE NOTE: The school logo is mandatory on all uniform shirts. 


Clear Blue Plaid jumpers; navy skort and/or shorts for fall and spring; no skirts; navy blue uniform pants. Collared white shirts, or white or light blue knit uniform shirts. Belt recommended for all pants and shorts with belt loops. No belts required for Kindergarten students.
***Please Note: Navy blue jumpers previously purchased will still be allowed this year. 

Navy blue uniform pants; navy shorts for fall and spring; belt recommended for pants and shorts having belt loops. Collared white or light blue knit shirts.  No belts required for Kindergarten students.


Clear Blue Plaid uniform skirt; Clear Blue Plaid jumper; tan skirt; tan uniform pants and shorts.  Collared white or navy shirts. Belt recommended for pants and shorts having belt loops.
***Please Note: Previous plaid/navy blue jumpers; previous plaid skirts will still be allowed for junior high girls. 

Tan uniform pants and shorts. Belt required for pants and shorts having belt loops. Collared white or navy knit shirts.
*We are in the process of transitioning to Lands End uniforms.  You may see colors worn by our students that are different from those mentioned above as we make the change.
Navy blue uniform shorts (K--5) may be worn from the opening of school to October 15th and from April 15th to the end of the school year. Belt recommended if shorts have belt loops. Girls in Grades K--5 may wear navy uniform skorts.

Plain White turtlenecks may be worn from October 15th to April 15th inclusive.
Navy cardigans or school monogrammed navy or grey sweatshirts may be worn over shirts. Only St. Anne uniform sweatshirts are allowed to be worn in class.
Socks must be plain navy or white knee socks, anklets or tights. White or navy blue leggings may be worn by girls. 

Loafers, saddle shoes, or other sturdy dress shoes are recommended for school wear, with tennis/athletic shoes REQUIRED for P.E. days. Students will not be allowed to participate in P.E. if they do not have the appropriate athletic shoe for P.E. class. No open back sandals, flip flops, clogs, jelly type, platform shoes (no heels above two inches), fashion boots, or heavy boot type shoes are permitted, including Dress Down Days. Sandals are not permitted in the winter months.

1. Shirts should be tucked into skirts, pants, skorts and shorts during all classes. Shirts are to be buttoned.
2. Tee shirts worn under shirts must be plain white, with no writing, pictures, or designs.
3. Hair should be neat and clean, with bangs not covering the eyes. Boy’s hair should be above the shoulder and not touch the shirt collar. No fad type haircuts, bleaching, or extreme hair coloring are permitted. Scrunchies, hair clips, etc. must be worn in the hair, not on wrists or uniforms.
4. One set of tiny post earrings may be worn by girls. Boys are not allowed to wear earrings.
5. Jewelry is limited to one simple cross or medal on a narrow silver or gold chain. No bead or leather chains are allowed.
6. Only clear nail polish may be worn by girls, including Dress Down Days.
7. Make up of any type is never allowed, including Dress Down Days.
8. Wrist watches (non-digital) may be worn by students in Grades 2--8. Watches that beep are not allowed.
9. Tattoos of any kind, hologram contact lenses, and body piercing, except for pierced ears by girls, are not allowed.
10. All shorts should be no shorter than 2 inches above the knee.
11. Wrist bands promoting special causes are limited to two per student.

Decisions regarding dress code will be made by the Principal. Uniform notices will be sent home and parents are asked to sign and return them to school. Students receiving 3 uniform notices in one quarter receive a detention and may be denied participation in the next out of uniform day event. Repeated violations are cause for a 60 minute detention each time a notice is given. Students in Jr. High receiving no uniform notices in a month will be eligible for a dress down day the next month. These days are set by the Principal.

The school code - 900174731 - must be entered into the website.
Remember to use SCRIP when purchasing.