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Updates from Fr. Doyle

Some families coming into Fee Days have inquired about staffing in the coming year. Here is the latest info we have to share:
- Mrs. Kathy Howard, recently retired from Newman Central Catholic High School, has joined our community part-time as principal/assistant administrator for the coming year. She and I are “tag teaming” the administrative duties. She will focus mainly on helping the teachers implement the curriculum, evaluating teachers and offering development opportunities, completing required school paperwork, communicating events and updates to families, and being a presence during the week to offer support wherever needed. I will handle the finances, the strategic plan for the school, other major administrative decisions, while being present in the school on an almost-daily basis. Please be patient with us as we continue to work out the kinks regarding our respective duties. We welcome her!
- Mr. Bill Anderson, one of our junior high teachers, found another position at a different school. We thank him for joining us last year and wish him well in his future endeavors.
- Mrs. Mary Beth Oswalt, who last year taught our fourth-grade class, has agreed to fill Mr. Anderson’s spot in the junior high. She will be our eighth-grade teacher.
- Mrs. Amanda Fuger, who last year covered our technology and library programs, has agreed to teach our Language Arts and Literature classes in the junior high. She will be our seventh-grade teacher.
- The junior high breakdown will be as follows: Mrs. Sue Bontjes will be our sixth-grade teacher, and will teach our Science and Mathematics classes. As mentioned, Mrs. Fuger will be our seventh-grade teacher, and will teach our Language Arts and Literature classes. Mrs. Oswalt will be our eighth-grade teacher, and will teach our History/Geography and Religion classes.
- With Mrs. Oswalt’s move to the junior high, we are now in need of a full-time fourth grade teacher. We have posted the position through the Regional Office of Education and the Diocese of Rockford employment site. More info to follow when we have some. Please spread the word!
- Our morning janitor, Mr. Jon Power, found a full-time position at another company. We thank him for his work and wish him well.
Thanks for supporting St. Anne’s School, and we look forward to great year!